"Leading the way in
                 Plastic Innovations!"

This website is designed to serve the needs of our existing distributors worldwide, those in new markets who would like to represent us and anyone with an interest in purchasing our products.

Who uses NRG product lines?
Anyone who needs to handle or transfer chemicals or oil in a safe, clean, efficient and environmentally-friendly way. End-users may include engineers, manufacturers, garages and service stations, farmers, oil companies and distributors, chemical manufacturers and distributors, the military, emergency services…and the list goes on.

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Other Activities
NRG takes great pride in working with some of the world's best-known oil and chemical companies in their marketing endeavours, through branding our products with client logos.

NRG also works with clients who have special requirements in the field of plastics. We will design and manufacture anything a client needs.

Our Markets
NRG has worked for decades with distributors across the globe. We are always keen to hear from companies who wish to represent us.

If at any time you wish to contact us, please go to our Contact page.